Carindale Wines

Searching for something unique to do in Australia? Aside from the common tourist spots and places to see, wine tours are among the most popular activities in Australia. There are several wineries in different regions across the country. The Hunter Valley wine region is one of the most popular, located in New South Wales.

The Australian Hunter Valley wine region has played a very important role in the history of the modern Australian wine. As a matter of fact, at a certain point, it was recorded as the first wine region, planted earlier in the 19th century. The wineries in this region are considered as the iconic ones in the area because they generally produce wine from different types of grapes such as, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Verdelho, and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Property

Carindale is a majestic property, with a house, homestead, shed and beautiful acres of lush fertile soil. It is some of the best real estate in the the area which makes for perfect growing of local produce. Before being converted into a working property the home and has been owned by many different locals, including a real estate agent, a doctor and a pharmacist. The house has been extended and renovated and now features six large bedrooms, a function room, a restaurant, a dinning room and a large wrap around balcony to take in the beautiful Hunter Valley views and to relax while sampling some of the local produce.

Varieties of Wine in Hunter Valley


The type of Chardonnay wines from Hunter Valley are typically styled as medium to full body. They are often characterised by flavours such as peach, tropical fruits, and fig, thus offering a vibrant and fresh taste. The types also often depend on the winemaking techniques implemented by various companies. These techniques may include barrel fermentation, store, malo-lactic fermentation, as well as yeast lees contact. A mixture of these techniques is also possible.


These grapes are generally picked during the earlier part of the vintage. The sugar level of the wines produced is generally between 10-12 degrees Baume. The wine is fermented without using oak. It is also known because the finished output for the wine has substantially low alcohol content. Younger Semillon wines offer a crispy, yet zesty citrus taste. However, the quality of the wines generally improvesas they age. From fruity flavours, it develops into a deep golden coloured wine with rich toasty and honey flavours.


This type of wine is very unique because of its capability to withstand heat and rain. As a result, Verdelho wines are considered as a natural partner to the Hunter Valley region and its wines, gaining its reputation and importance in the area.

What makes Verdelho wines special is that they are created without the use of oak andis usually medium bodied. The continued existence of the ripeness of the flavour tends to range from the green apple taste, plus a citrusy acid, to a passionfruit and pineapple taste. When it is completely ripe, it achieves a guava and ripe lychee taste. The result also depends on the time the fruits were picked.


Hunter Valley Wineries

The Hunter Valley region is blessed with several high quality wineries in which visitors can happily tour around. Here are some of the notable wineries in the area:

  • Carindale Wines: This winery is located in the centre of the Hunter Valley. It is also considered as one of the most popular boutique wineries in the entire region. All the grapes in this winery are grown on site, in their 11 acre vineyard.
  • Audrey Wilkinson Winery: Most visitors often comment that they feel like they are in another location once they set foot in Audrey Wilkinson Winery. It is popular because of its 360 degree view over the groves and hillsides of the valley.
  • Brokenwood Wines: This winery has already become a standard regional institution. They produce high quality wines every year. Their hard working personnel offer their visitors a piece of their wide expertise in terms of wine and other wine related areas.
  • De Luliis Wines: What makes this winery special is its architect designed space. As a matter of fact, it is very deserving of a national status. The tour usually allows the visitors to see panoramic views on the native landscape garden. There is also an observation tower for those who are not necessarily afraid of heights.
  • Kinklewood Vineyard: Hardened sommeliers would certainly be delighted with this winery, which uses 100% biodynamic techniques in their procedures. The winery is owned by a couple who strives hard in creating wine which tastes naturally.
  • Mistletoe Wines:The owners themselves say that this winery is a labour of love. They offer single vineyard wines which are pretty common in the area. Aside from the tour, the will also allow you to have a time to taste the wines offered in the area.

Indeed, Hunter Valley wine region is an area which offers a lot of options on wineries. The good thing is, there is no competition among the wineries. The visitors are often the ones who decide which one is the best.