Carindale Wines

In the entire Hunter Valley wine region, Carindale Wines is no doubt one of the better, highly respected wineries. This is due to the commitment they to using only the finest techniques in our production of wines. Our more than 40 years of experience is a proof that we are not only committed to our trade, but are also committed in providing only the best to our customers.

The History

It all started back in the early 70’s when couple Brian and Judy Walsh decided to move to the Hunter Valley region. They purchased a parcel of land in the middle of the oldest wine producing regions in the entire Australia, Pokolbin Wine District.
They began planting Chardonnay vines, which eventually produced a full-bodied wine highly preferred by local wine makers. Next, they began to work on planting Merlot and Cabernet Franc. At the same time, they have begun their preparations for planting other varieties.

The Location

What makes Carindale Wines special, aside from the techniques and skills put in use is the fact that the location is perfect for the vines to grow. The location of the winery is exposed to moderate rainfall, and is perfectly protected by the western winds. As a result, the quality of the vines’ growth is somewhat influenced by this healthy environment. The vines grow earlier, but extend their ripening during the dry, hot summers. Since the soil is filled with volcanic base, nutrients are available for the vines to grow healthier.

The Philosophy

We, at Carindale Wines, are determined to use only ‘eco-friendly’ techniques in wine production. Therefore, we implement organic growing, and minimize the use of chemicals in our processes. We also make sure that we take minimal advantage of irrigation. As a result, we are able to produce fruity, lavish, and rich flavoured wines. The techniques that we use in our winery are also safe. Thus, we make sure that all our workers are safe during wine production.
Carindale Wines is indeed a name which can be remembered by heart. We strive to offer you a pleasantly memorable overall experience. Visit us now and see the truth of our words!

The Cellar Door

This store-program was launched on Australia Day in 1996. Here, most of our wines are sold. Luxurious self-contained accommodations are available. We have also opened our Gold Label Wine Club, which accepts limited membership to wine enthusiasts. The Cellar door is a perfect venue for get-togethers, family reunions and intimate weddings.

Boutique Wineries

For a pleasant winery tour experience, visit our boutique winery, which is considered as one of the best in the region. Our facilities are open for wine tasting and sales every day except Tuesdays (open from 10 am to 5 pm). If you also want to relax and spend some time in the place, you can also avail one of our accommodations at Carindale Cottage. This is the perfect place to stay and relax as you are offered a magnificent view of the vineyards.

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