Perfect for Functions

Tired of the traditional places where intimate gatherings, business functions and other meetings are held? Why not focus your attention to the conventional, serene and private function areas offered at Carindale Winery.

Yes, Carindale Winery may serve its primary purpose of housing the best wines in town. However, due to the beauty of the place, it has also proved to be one of the most recommended places to hold different types of functions such as weddings, business conferences, as well as other gatherings.

Here are some of the functions which can be held at Carindale Winery:


Garden weddings are becoming popular these days. After all, many people are now open minded to the fact that trying out other locations is possible, aside from the ones they have been accustomed of. The Hunter Valley wine region is one of the best spots in the country. As a matter of fact, pictures which can be produced during your wedding day will certainly be ones which can say a thousand words.

Also, though you may be able to bring with you your staff for the event, it is not difficult to find them in the area. Hair and beauty consultants, photographers, and others can be found in the Hunter Valley. In this way, you no longer have to spend some more on transportation and other expenses. The best part is, you can be assured that food is great, and at the same time, wines served are of the highest quality.

Business Conferences

Are you interested in finding a place to hold a conference for your company but is hesitant in selecting a place somewhere in the city? Then, the Hunter Valley is the perfect location for you. Carindale Winery also offers accommodation for groups of people who want to use their facilities for business conferences and other company related events.

Selecting this option will certainly be a good choice for you. All your colleagues will simply appreciate the fact that they are given the wonderful opportunity to have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city life, yet, at the same time, still being able to perform their obligations to the company.

Family Reunions

Aside from the events mentioned above, you can also choose to have an intimate reunion with your family, or friends in the Hunter Valley. This is also a good place to take a break and relax as a family or group. The relaxing environment offers a good opportunity to keep up with each other and engage in meaningful association. It is also a good chance to enjoy the vineyard, wineries and food in the area.

Therefore, are you looking for a new spot to celebrate your most intimate moment? Or perhaps, searching for a location where you and your colleagues at work can meet together and engage in some business time, while enjoying the location at the same time? Rather than choosing the common places where these events are held, why not try out something new? Carindale Winery is no doubt the best place for you!

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