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No doubt that one of the most exciting things to do in Australia is participating in a winery tour. As a matter of fact, Enotourism (wine tourism) plays a vital role in the tourism industry in Australia. This aspect of tourism includes wine tasting, wine purchasing, as well as participating in some aspects related to the industry.

At Carindale Wines, we offer more than the regular winery familiarization process. It gives you the overall experience. At the end of the day, you will find it satisfying knowing that you have not only gained knowledge, but also the actual exposure to the realization that beauty exists in these wineries.

Here are some of the activities you can do while enjoying your time at Carindale Wines:

Winery Tour

Is it your first time to go on a winery tour and do not know what to expect? There are some things that you can prepare beforehand. For example, even though you are participating in a guided tour, it would be helpful to have a map. Before the start of our tours, maps are provided, making sure that you have a clear plot of the entire winery in your mind.

Aside from a group tour, which is the most common style used, you may also request for a private tour. Most likely, your request is granted if you visit at a time when the winery is not busy and full of visitors. The entire tour is usually composed of wine tasting, educational lesions, purchasing, etc.

Wine Tasting

This is, by far, the most preferred part of the entire tour. Here you will get to taste several types of wines offered by our winery. From Chardonnay, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Black Muscat, you will certainly enjoy your experience. There are also things that need to be remembered before embarking in a wine tasting adventure.

Make sure to eat before the tasting trip. You might have to taste different types of wines, and therefore, the accumulated alcohol content might get you tipsy afterwards. You surely do not want to spoil the rest of the time just because you are already light headed. Much more, you do not want to drive after you had alcohol intake.

Wine 101 Course

If you are not yet familiar with the world of wines, our staff would be happy to provide you a mini-session on wines. This is our Wine 101 course. Of course, you can’t expect a full seminar on wines, but at least you will hear the basics that you need. If you have further questions, we will also be glad to provide you the answers that you need.

Wine Purchasing

Of course, you may choose to purchase wines before going home. The bottle you will be purchasing will most likely be the wine you have tasted that has particularly stolen the attention of your palate. There are several options available for you at our store.



If you think that a day in our winery is not enough, you have the option to stay overnight and enjoy the scenery of the entire field the next morning. Our Carindale Cottage is open for those who want to explore our winery some more. It is also perfect for travellers who visit our winery for this purpose alone.

A day, or days, spent in Carindale Wines will certainly be among the most amazing experiences you will ever have in your whole life. Encountering face to face the source of your favourite wines will no doubt turn out to be an amazing memory which you can keep for life.

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